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Family Outing

A family of Canadian Geese glide through the setting sun on Marshal's Lake.

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Magnificent Seven

Seven juvenile mallard ducks lined up in formation.

Magnificent Seven was shortlisted down to the final 33 in the BBC Countryfile Calendar Competititon 2019.

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The Butterfly & The Hare

Two residents at Elmley Nature Reserve, Isle of Sheppey, Kent.

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Ready For Take Off!

Southwold in Suffolk is the gem of East Anglian coast and whilst capturing scenes of a fisherman’s life around the harbour I saw this parade of gulls lining up like it was some sort of circus show. As I waited I couldn’t believe my eyes as it began with five birds then another would arrive to make it six, then seven and eventually ten all in row. As soon as they had spaced themselves equidistantly, a perfect wingspan apart, they all took off one by one, presumably to take their quirky little display off up to Walberswick.

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Red Coat

One of the Isle of Wight's friendly residents.

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Magnificent Red

Whilst out capturing snow scenes, I chanced upon this magnificent red deer stag and although clearly startled by my presence he hung around just long enough for me to get this shot before high tailing it back into the undergrowth.

Magnificent Red was shortlisted down the final 100 in the BBC Countryfile Calendar Competititon 2013.

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Jet Trailed Eagle

Fish Eagle in full flight.

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Cheeky Chap!

Young roe deer showing his disapproval to having his picture taken.

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Catch Me If You Can!

I caught this swallow in full flight down at Southwold Harbour. After waiting over an hour for her to fly in close enough I had to keep my patience as hundreds of frames I was all but ready to give up on getting anything worthwhile. Then just as she came in to tend to her nest in the rafters of a fisherman’s hut, she caught an updraft of wind that suspended her motionless for just long enough to pose for the camera.

Catch Me If You Can came third in the Wex Photo 'Capturing Movement' competition August 2012.

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Purdie the Burmilla posing for her fans. This image was used in Royal Canin's Cat Encyclopaedia.

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Effortless Grace

Mute swan on a misty River Medway at Teston.

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Alfie the Italian Spinone in the snow.

"Thank you for giving a most interesting and engaging talk, we thoroughly enjoyed listening and looking at your pictures. You inspired us all to enter more competitions… but perhaps not Countryfile!"

Jeremy O'Keeffe – Battle Photographic Society
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David Jenner Photography © 2020
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