Buildings and landmarks

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In The Mist of TIme

Rising autumn mist on the moat Bodiam Castle, East Sussex.

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Stonehenge Sunrise

Dawn breaking above the world famous stone circle at Stonehenge, Amesbury, Wiltshire.

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Barons Court Station

London Underground signage past and present.

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Smugglers Retreat

Mermaid Inn, Mermaid Street, Rye, East Sussex.

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Biddenden Church

The delightful Biddenden Church, Goudhurst, Kent.

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Chocolate Boxed

Night capture of the quaint village of Shanklin, Isle of Wight.

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Leeds Castle Frozen

Deep winter envelopes the loveliest castle in the World.

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Rochester City Sunset

The sun going down over the historic city of Rochester with the magnificent Cathedral and Castle standing proud.

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Sheffield Park House

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Lacock Abbey Cloisters

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Rochester Cathedral at Night

"Thank you once again for a fantastic evening. I was approached by several members to say how much they enjoyed your talk, which does not happen often."

Chris Couch – Maidstone Camera Club
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David Jenner Photography © 2020
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