Man made structures and skylines

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Tower Bridge Sunrise

Dawn breaks above City Hall illuminating The Thames and beautifully backlighting Tower Bridge in shades of orange and purple.

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Sunrise Over La Salute

The view of the Grand Canal from the Accademia Bridge showing the church of Santa Maria della Salute is one of the finest that Venice has to offer. This five minute exposure, taken at dawn during an ‘acqua alta’ in December captures the calm water before the sun rises and ‘il Canalazzo’ becomes the main artery of the city.

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Girl With A Dolphin

Statue by David Wynne, Tower Bridge, London.

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St Paul's Cathedral

London's Millennium Bridge leading to St Paul's Cathedral.

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London Tribute

The Gurkha Soldier statue at Whitehall with the classic double decker Routemaster with with the London Eye in the distance.

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Majestic York Minster

Stunning Cathedral, historic city.

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Bobbing Gondolas

Venice is synonymous with her beautiful canals and the gondolas that parade along them every day. This famous view of San Giorgio Maggiore is taken just outside the entrance to St Marks Square. The low light in this scene enhance the colours in the water and the magical atmosphere of the city.

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Before The Dawn

Shot from the Golden Jubilee footbridge that runs alongside Hungerford Bridge. To the right, Westminster sits on the Thames over-shadowed by the impressive London Eye on the South Bank. Taken at 6.47am just before dawn broke, this long exposure captures a moment of serenity before the city awakens.

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Converging Lines

I patiently waited for two trains to meet head-to-head on converging lines to capture this aerial view of London Bridge taken from the Shard looking down on Borough Market and Southwark Cathedral. When you see the Capital from an overhead location such as this, it really illustrates the close proximity of the almost chaotic random street layout. With so many unique locations to capture this dynamically evolving city, it’s true that London really specialises in hiding the best of itself. Knowing I only had one opportunity to get the perfect shot I was delighted with end result.

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The Old & The New

Greenwich Naval College and Park with the towering Canary Wharf beyond.

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Brooklyn Bridge

Structure of the world famous bridge linking Manhattan with Brooklyn in New York, USA.

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Sunset Stations

The transformation of London's Battersea Power Station has been an undertaking of monumental proportions. Industrial cranes reach into the sky like creatures from War of The Worlds as the conversion of this historic building tries to remain sympathetic to its heritage. Meanwhile the relentless flow of trains coming in and out of Victoria Station continues unabated.

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Capital Dreams

As nightfall descends over Canary Wharf, the low tide view from Surrey Quays reveals evidence of the moorings of old Docklands. It’s true to say that London does very well at hiding the best of itself... you just need to know where to look.

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Brooklyn Bridge Sunset

Sunset behind Manhattan from Brooklyn Park, New York City, USA.

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Westminster Bridge

The famous bridge spanning The River Thames with the Queen Elizabeth Tower and Houses of Parliament.

"Thank you so much for an excellent evening your photographs are beautiful and your presentation interesting and informative. You are remembered at our club as our most memorable presenter!"

Christine Renshaw – Teston Camera Club
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David Jenner Photography © 2020
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