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Back in 2013 I met a guy called Paul Talling on one of his guided walks called London's Lost Rivers. He guided us along the route of the now hidden River Fleet a subsidiary of the Thames that runs from Blackfriars to Hampstead. It was a fascinating journey and along the way we got to know much more about the walks that he hosts.

Not only does he show you where a number of other hidden waterways run but also he has a passion for Capital's architecture that has fallen into disrepair or even vanished altogether. These walks are under the banner of Derelict London and he will not only tell you about some of the ancient history of Roman Londinium but also thrill you with little snippets of more recent tales of how the city skyline might have looked. Just recently he has started a series of walks exploring London's Lost Music Venues where his experiences as a former band promoter bring the tours alive.

If you would like to know more about the walks Paul has to offer, check out his websites…

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Since that first meeting we have been on numerous other walks of his and every time I have taken my camera to capture some memories of the day, even in the somewhat inclement British weather! Here below are a few of my favourite shots and I am very proud that Paul has a number of my images decorating his websites. I wish him all the best and we look forward to him guiding us around some of the more unseen parts of the Capital in the future.

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London Guided Photographic Walks

Having forged an alliance with Paul we have now started offering guided photographic walks for groups of budding image makers. Paul will take us along a route that he can regale us of historical information whilst I will assist you in learning how compose better city, street and architecture pictures. Have a look at my WORKSHOPS page (scroll to the bottom) and CONTACT me if you would like to book us both for a city walk.

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"Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for giving us a most enjoyable time with a very well structured and polished lecture, and for entertaining us with your great sense of humour!"

Marianne Westgate – Seven Sisters Camera Club
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