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Soon after picking up my first camera I fell in love with landscape photography and almost immediately developed a passion for wide format panoramas. As a graphic designer with over twenty-five years experience, creativity is at the heart of everything I do and before long I was looking to develop my own perspective on image making.

Whilst visiting the idyllic seaside town of Southwold in Suffolk, an idea started to form in my mind for a unique image, something that would not only challenge my photographic abilities and really push my post production skills. Little did I know that the vast scale of this task would be an all consuming project that would eventually become my signature piece.

Southwold Night & Day

View from Southwold Pier, Suffolk, East Anglia

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Night & Day 1

Southwold on the Suffolk coast (East Anglia) is famous for its colourful beach huts, characteristic pier, distinctive lighthouse and of course, Adnams beer. This panorama was shot at hourly intervals over two days, with the pier in broad daylight through to the sun setting over the lifeguard’s hut, the town in dusk and Gun Hill lit by the moon.

From a selection of nearly a thousand photographs, dozens of individual shots were digitally stitched together followed by over seventy-two hours of careful blending and colour correction to seamlessly blend night into day. The photographer himself can be seen in a green shirt walking away from the camera on the Pier.

The initial idea for the image began as a personal project to shoot a series of panoramas of a much loved and popular viewpoint in East England across a period of one day. By combining all of these panoramas into just one image this then developed into a totally unique photographic concept. The widescreen nature of the picture captures the subtle changes in atmosphere across this beautiful stretch of coastline and really encompasses the magic of Southwold.

This has now become the first in a series of Night & Day images and is sold as a limited edition of 25 and produced as a high resolution photographic print exquisitely mounted on aluminium with an acrylic fascia.

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View from St Katharine Dock, London

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Night & Day 2

Over two thousand years ago, the Romans founded the city of London on the banks of the River Thames. Strategically located for transport and trade it has developed into one of the largest cities in Europe. Tower Bridge was completed in 1894 and has become one of the great British landmarks although it’s stature is now dwarfed by the recently constructed Shard.

This panorama was shot at hourly intervals over an eleven hour time frame, with the downstream in morning light through to the sunset over Tower Bridge. From a selection of nearly seven hundred photographs, dozens of individual pictures were digitally stitched together seamlessly merge day into night. The photographer himself appears can be seen in a green shirt fishing from the jetty on the left.

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Notte e Giorno

View from Castello, Venice, Italy

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Night & Day 3

The beautiful city of Venice is located in northern Italy and is considered to be the jewel of chic European destinations. Known for it’s delightful canals and stunning architecture it is home to nearly 150 magnificent churches of which San Giorgio Maggiore, Santa Maria della Salute and St Mark's Campanile are prominent within this scene.

This view is from the sestiere (district) of Castello located near the Arsenale where I sat on a stone bench for nearly 14 hours. Panoramic images are not a new idea but blending hundreds of shots together takes it from being more than just a photograph but now a work of art.

The objective here was to capture the serenity of the city throughout the period of one day. Starting at 5.30 in the morning and finishing at 9 o’clock in the evening, thousands of photographs were captured through the day (giorno) into the night (notte). These were then merged together to create a totally unique image.

A deliberate choice has been made not to include much of the busy traffic on the waterways and walkways so as to not distract the viewer from the wonderful view of the cityscape. The photographer himself can be seen in a green shirt on the water taxi in the foreground.

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Shoreline Transition

Durdle Door, Isle of Purbeck, Dorset

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Night & Day 4

Durdle Door is a natural limestone arch on the Jurassic Coast near Lulworth in Dorset, Southern England. The name Durdle is derived from the Old English word 'thirl' meaning to bore or drill. The form of the coastline around the Door is controlled by its geology - both by the contrasting hardnesses of the rocks, and by the local patterns of faults and folds. This arch has formed on a concordant coastline where bands of rock run parallel to the shoreline.

Taken over the course of a summer’s day, this panorama captures day (4pm) and night (11pm) all in one picture with daylight on the left through to the setting sun over the Isle of Purbeck and the night sky full of stars above the headland. Capturing all the detail in the low light areas of the scene required a ten minute exposure. The photographer himself can be seen in a green shirt on the left of the beach taking photographs along the coastline.

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Shoreline Transition was placed third in an international competition hosted by 'Seeing The Land' 2015.

Kentish Serenity

View from Yalding Church, Maidstone, Kent

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Night & Day 5

The beautiful Kentish village of Yalding truly encapsulates the serenity of the Garden of England. This scene was composed from the top of the village church with the medieval Town Bridge in daylight blending into the dusk along the High Street and the night sky at the top of the hill.

The rural views are populated with historical architecture, oast houses and local landmarks such as Hadlow Tower just visible in the setting sun. The photographer himself can be seen in a green shirt placing his order in the local restaurant.

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Harbour Dreams

View from Kirribilli, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Night & Day 6

The world famous Circular Quay in Sydney Harbour is flanked by the magnificent bridge and distinctive Opera House. These iconic symbols of Australia stand alongside this bustling waterway which has a constant flow of cruise ships, leisure craft and ferries.

On a roasting hot day, this panorama was shot from the neighbouring suburb of Kirribilli and the photographer himself can be seen in the green shirt steering the yacht towards the setting sun.

Keswick & Back

View from Latrigg, Keswick, Lake District, Cumbria

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Night & Day 7

The full gamut of gorgeous Cumbrian light captured over The Lake District's Derwentwater. With the sun setting over Cat Bells and the night lights of Keswick town off to the right this is one of the most dramatic scenes with 360 degree views.

This panorama was shot from the summit of the fell, Latrigg, overlooking Keswick. The photographer himself can be seen in his green coat hanging as one half of the dual paragliders heading out over the valley.


View from Golden Jubilee Bridge, Westminster, London

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Night & Day 8

From Westminster in glorious daylight through to the London Eye majestically lit up against the night sky, this picture has been composed from numerous shots taken from The Golden Jubilee Bridge and blended together to capture the whole day and night all in one unique panoramic image.

The public viewpoint on the bridge proved challenging with so much footfall especially with the bridge vibrations when trying to shoot a long exposure. The rib speeding into the frame adds a dynamic foreground interest co-piloted by the photographer himself in his green shirt.

Manhattan Skyline

View from Brooklyn Park, New York City, USA

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Night & Day 9

This iconic Manhattan view looking from Brooklyn Park over the River Hudson towards Manhattan is synonymous with American cinema and culture. The Brooklyn Bridge spans the night light towards the setting sun over the distant skyscrapers including the magnificent Freedom Tower.

The area affectionately known as DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) hosts prime real estate as well as a number of glorious views of New York City. Just at the foot of the Bridge is Jane's Carousel a restored antique carousel in a glass pavilion and off to the right you can see the photographer himself racing into the scene on a jet ski.

Available in various sizes and finishes, Night & Day by David Jenner Photography images are sold as limited edition prints. Please get in touch if you are interested in purchasing this unique piece of art.

I am also available for Night & Day commissions. If you would like to contract me to capture a scene in this unique style then please get in touch.

So I’m now starting to turn my thoughts as to where the next one will be, I have a few places in mind but I just need to do a little more research. A lot of effort you might think just to produce one picture but I hope you agree it’s all worthwhile. Maybe you would like to drop me an email with a suggestion of where I could do my next one?

"Considering you only started photography a few years ago, the quality of your body of work is astounding. Your talk was both informative and humorous, and we enjoyed the way you explained how you go about taking hundreds of individual photographs and carefully blending them into a seamless panorama covering the transition from day into night. This is truly photography as art."

David Cooper – Malling Photographic Society
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