Portraits and poses

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Horse Laugh

Jockies and YouTube sensations, Wocket Woy, enjoying some top level banter!

Horse Laugh was published in The Daily Telegraph, October 2013.

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Call For Backup!

American GI actors re-enact scenes from military history at the War & Peace Show, Paddock Wood, Kent.

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Financial Adviser

Environment portrait of a business man.

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Professional Will Writer

Environment portrait of a business woman.

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Family Portrait

Three brothers and their respective families pose for a family portrait.

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War Hero

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Paul Talling

Author of London's Lost Rivers and Derelict London.

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The Model

Studio portrait of a dancer.

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Fire Breathers!

Kattenstoet Festival, Ypres, Belgium.

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Deep in Thought

Low key biker girl.

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Wedding Lights

Wedding dress abstract.

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Victory Speech

Derek Herbert's tribute to Winston Churchill at The Salute to the 40s Show, Chatham Dockyard, Kent.

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Business Man

Studio portrait of a business man.

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Business Woman

Studio portrait of a business woman.

"Thank you for an excellent presentation detailing your outstanding work, very interesting, I have had several messages from members saying how much they enjoyed it."

Susan Grimes – South London Photographic Society
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