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David Jenner

Creative Landscape & Commercial Photographer in Kent & Sussex

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Award winning photographer based in Kent specialising in landscapes, commercial, interiors and products. Creator of Night & Day images, tutor and speaker. I have exhibited my work at galleries, exhibitions and international art fairs as well as the beautiful Bedgebury Pinetum where a collection of my images are on display.

Through my
PHOTO WALKS & WORKSHOPS I teach my craft to aspiring photographers one-to-one or small groups. Not only will I show you how to get the best from your camera but I can also demonstrate the skills necessary to professionally digitally develop your pictures.

My passion for photography has seen me achieve success in numerous photographic competitions including the Royal Photographic Society, The Kent Wildlife Trust and the very popular BBC Countryfile Calendar Competition.

Every year I enjoy selecting twelve of my best landscape images to go into my new

I also give
TALKS about my photography to local groups and camera clubs and have received numerous testimonials from those that have enjoyed my images and my entertaining presentation.

Showcase Images

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Tunnel of Colour

I arrived at Adams Plaza Bridge in Canary Wharf just after 10pm, in the hope of having the tunnel to myself. As it happened there was one other person there who was diligently keeping the walkway clean and as it turned out, he proved to be the ideal focal point for my composition. The lead-in lines created by the vivid light panels are a visual sensation that reminded me of those crazy psychedelic album covers from the 1970s. All the Photo 24 winners can be seen HERE on the Photography News Facebook page. Event sponsored by MPB.

Tunnel of Colour won the Photo 24 Open Category 2022 hosted by Photography News and sponsored by MPB.

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The Flying Scotsman Visits Kent

The Flying Scotsman has legendary status in the world of steam locomotives. This A3 Class beauty was built in 1923 and has had an illustrious past, setting multiple world records for speed and distance. After retiring from service in 1963 and covering more than two million track miles, she then embarked on a series of testimonial tours across Canada, USA and Australia. This icon from the golden age of railways rolled back the years after undertaking a significant overhaul and now delights train enthusiasts all over the United Kingdom. This was the first time she had visited the Garden of England for more than half a century and I was able to capture this shot as she sped through Five Oak Green on route to Tonbridge.

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Mist on the Marsh

St Thomas à Becket Church stands alone on Romney Marsh surrounded by vast areas of marshland and a maze of watercourses. Built around the year 1200 in Fairfield near Rye, the desolate landscape and lack of modern day influence makes it a perfect location for period dramas. When the mist rolls as the sun rises, this magical composition will send a shiver down your spine.

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Under The Stars

This stranded old sea vessel has been left to die on the East Kent marshes at Hoo Marina near Rochester in Kent and who knows how long she will cling to wasteland as she gradually sinks into the marsh. The long exposure gave me enough time to light paint the boat and capture the detail in the Milky Way which was to provide the most dramatic backdrop to this bleak landscape.

Under The Stars was Highly Commended in the Ships & Wrecks category of the Shipwrecked Mariners' Society Awards 2020.

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The Old Forge

Yalding Forge in West Kent first is a fine quality blacksmith and farrier. Dynamic sparks fly from the blacksmith's hammer as he carefully crafts a molten piece of metal into an ornate piece of ironwork.

The Old Forge won the 'Industrial' theme Royal Photographic Society competition October 2019.

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Magnificent Seven

Seven juvenile mallard ducks in formation.

Magnificent Seven was shortlisted down to the final 33 in the BBC Countryfile Calendar Competititon 2019.

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Sunset Stations

The transformation of London's Battersea Power Station has been an undertaking of monumental proportions. Industrial cranes reach into the sky like creatures from War of The Worlds as the conversion of this historic building tries to remain sympathetic to its heritage. Meanwhile the relentless flow of trains coming in and out of Victoria Station continues unabated.

Sunset Stations was showcased in the Photography News London Meet Up 2019.

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Valley Sunset

Glorious sunset backlighting the rolling Kent countryside at Roughway near Crouch, Borough Green. The meandering valley draws the eye through the scene off into the distance.

Valley Sunset won the Landscape category of the Kent Wildlife Trust Photographic Awards 2017.

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Bluebell Sunset

The glorious ancient woodland of bluebells backlit by the setting sun at Forestry Commission's King's Wood in Challock, Ashford, Kent.

Bluebell Sunset won the Flora category of the Kent Wildlife Trust Photographic Awards 2017.

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Capital Dreams

As nightfall descends over Canary Wharf, the low tide view from Surrey Quays reveals evidence of the moorings of old Docklands. It’s true to say that London does very well at hiding the best of itself... you just need to know where to look.

Capital Dreams was in the Top 10 of the Daily Telegraph Big Picture Competition March 2017 and was shortlisted in the top 25 of the Society of International Travel and Tourism Photographers (SITTP) Towns and Cityscapes Photography Competition 2017.

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Coastal Necklace

Man of War Bay on the coast of Dorset is adjacent to the more famous Durdle Door but this has its own secret beauty. A natural phenomenon occurs as the tide laps against the shore forming perfect little inlets of water. This image took considerable patience to wait for the perfect wave and reveal the full effect.

Coastal Necklace won the 'Coastal' theme in the Lumejet competition in Photography News August 2017.

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London Tribute

Before the sun came up over the statue dedicated to The Gurkha Soldier in Whitehall with the classic Routemaster and The London Eye in the distance.

London Tribute was Highly Commended in the Night Life category of Photo24 2016 a twenty-four hour photoshoot hosted by Photography News.

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Where Pixies May Roam

Bedgebury Pinetum is a magical world of trees, lakes and hidden locations like this rhododendron where the fallen flowers have beautifully carpeted the scene. The rays of the setting sun bursting through the foliage makes for a magnificent light source bringing the whole place alive.

Where Pixies May Roam won the 'Membership Card' theme Royal Photographic Society competition September 2017 award and was shortlisted down to the final 37 in the BBC Countryfile Calendar Competition 2016.

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Sunset Over The Marsh

Hoo Marina near Rochester is a place I've visited many times but never have I seen such a dramatic sunset as this. and it's not often you get both the sun and the moon in the same shot. As the sun goes down over the decaying vessels the magical light creates a scene straight off the pages of a Dickens novel.

Sunset Over The Marsh won the 'Review of the Year' theme Royal Photographic Soicety competition December 2015.

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Before The Dawn

Shot from the Golden Jubilee footbridge that runs alongside Hungerford Bridge. To the right, Westminster sits on the Thames over-shadowed by the impressive London Eye on the South Bank. Taken at 6.47am just before dawn broke, this long exposure captures a moment of serenity before the city awakens.

Before The Dawn won the Nikon In-Frame Award (Low Light) February 2015.

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Pier Sunrise

Southwold is home to one of England’s quintessential coastal piers where you will feel transported back to the golden age of seaside entertainment. This image was shot on a balmy Christmas Day 2014 as the sun came up illuminating the North Sea and backlighting the pier magnificently.

Pier Sunrise won the 'Coastal Landscapes' theme Royal Photographic Society competition August 2015.

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The Bridge In The Mist

The view across the valley towards Teston Bridge catches everyone's eye and none more so than when the early morning mist is rising. I was there to capture this scene at dawn but my patience was tested as it took nearly two hours before the bridge started to appear.

The Bridge In The Mist came runner-up in the Landscape category of the Kent Wildlife Trust Photographic Awards 2015.

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Aylesford Reflections

Aylesford sits on the River Medway just outside Maidstone. The quaint village church stands proudly majestic Medieval bridge. This picture was taken at 8.09am on a cold frosty January morning. The natural arcs formed in the foreground of the low tide reflect the arches of the bridge and the cloud formation.

Aylesford Reflections came runner-up in the Landscape category of the Kent Wildlife Trust Photographic Awards 2014.

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Orchid Sunrise

This field of green winged orchids look glorious bathed in the glow of the morning sunlight. At 5.36am the sunrise starts to penetrate above the trees on the left and illuminate an array of colour across the foreground bringing the whole scene to life.

Orchid Sunrise won the Flora category of the Kent Wildlife Trust Photographic Awards 2014 and the Nikon In-Frame Award (Plants & Flowers) July 2014.

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Magnificent Red

Whilst out capturing snow scenes, I chanced upon this magnificent red deer stag and although clearly startled by my presence he hung around just long enough for me to get this shot before high tailing it back into the undergrowth.

Magnificent Red was shortlisted down the final 100 in the BBC Countryfile Calendar Competititon 2013.

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Hoo Marina near Rochester on the East Kent estuary offers a bleak barren landscape where old sailing vessels go to spend their final days. The stillness of the scenery afforded me the luxury of a 61 second exposure to achieve the soft sky with a dramatic desaturated appearance. Kingsnorth Power Station in the distance made an interesting addition to the composition.

Wrecked! won the Ships & Wrecks category of the Shipwrecked Mariners' Society Awards 2016 and was shortlisted down to the final four in the BBC Countryfile Calendar Competition 2012.

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Catch Me If You Can!

I caught this swallow in full flight down at Southwold Harbour. After waiting over an hour for her to fly in close enough I had to keep my patience as hundreds of frames I was all but ready to give up on getting anything worthwhile. Then just as she came in to tend to her nest in the rafters of a fisherman’s hut, she caught an updraft of wind that suspended her motionless for just long enough to pose for the camera.

Catch Me If You Can came third in the Wex Photo 'Capturing Movement' competition August 2012.

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"David presented a fantastic talk of creative landscape photography to Aperture Woolwich last night. The first half of the evening was devoted to his unique 'Night & Day' images and all the planning, shooting and post production they take. The second half concentrated on David's marvellous landscape work. I would recommend David's talk to any club as he combines great photography with really professional level presentation that contains great humour… two hours flew by!"

Stu Mayhew – Aperture Woolwich Photographic Society
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