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Bedgebury Cafe

In partnership with the good folk at Bedgebury Cafe I have an exhibition of my canvases and acrylics on sale...

  •  Sunset Over Marshal's Lake

    Sunset Over Marshal's Lake

  •  Where Pixies May Roam

    Where Pixies May Roam

  •  Autumn Hues

    Autumn Hues

  •  Champion Redwood

    Champion Redwood

  •  Sunrise Over Louisa Lake

    Sunrise Over Louisa Lake

  •  Pinetum Sun Burst

    Pinetum Sun Burst

  •  Reach For The Sky

    Reach For The Sky

  •  In Bloom

    In Bloom

  •  Colourful Light

    Colourful Light

  •  Sibling Birches

    Sibling Birches

  •  The Cathedral

    The Cathedral

  •  Looking Up

    Looking Up

  •  Forest Giants

    Forest Giants

  •  Ray of Light

    Ray of Light

Prints on display in the cafe...

Download Cafe Prints Order Form

"Thank you so much for your talk on your Night & Day Panoramas it was fascinating and testament to your attention to detail. Your presentation was also very humorous and engaging, being enjoyed by all present."

Andrew Hayes – Parkwood Camera Club
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David Jenner Photography © 2008
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