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Bedgebury Pinetum

An adventure in a world of trees

Bedgebury Pinetum is a magical world of trees, lakes and woodland located HERE between Lamberhurst and Goudhurst on the Kent and Sussex border. I have been shooting here for many years and never cease to be amazed at all the photographic opportunities this glorious location has to offer. I have captured every season in the Pinetum and I always look forward to seeing the forest transform and blossom throughout the year.

This page is dedicated to a few of my favourite images from the forest but if you would like to see ALL the galleries of the shoots I have done at Bedgebury click HERE

Photographic Workshops at Bedgebury

With the support of Forestry England and the Friends of Bedgebury Pinetum, I host a number of workshops where we offer fellow photographers an opportunity to see the wonderful Pinetum at first light, followed by a breakfast and finally a post production editing session in the Education Room. If you'd like to know more, or book yourself on to the next workshop, please visit the Friends of Bedgebury website HERE. If you would like to book me for a private one-to-one or group workshop then please EMAIL me or use my CONTACT form. I look forward to seeing you in the future.

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Where Pixies May Roam

In the height of summer, this stunning rhododendron sheds her flowers and carpets the scene with vibrant pink and purple petals. The rays of the setting sun bursting through the foliage makes for a magnificent light source bringing the whole place alive.

Where Pixies May Roam won the 'Membership Card' theme Royal Photographic Society competition September 2017 award and was shortlisted down to the final 37 in the BBC Countryfile Calendar Competition 2016.

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Autumn Reflections

Divine autumn colours of the splendid conifers surrounding at Marshal's Lake. This long exposure smooths the water to perfectly show off the mirrored reflection.

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Crepuscular Rays

The sun bursting through the trees illuminating the valley floor.

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Frozen Timber

Dawn breaks above a frozen log pile.

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The Cathedral

This magnificent line of Leylandii is one of the forest's hidden gems.

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Sunset Over Marshal's Lake

Spectacular sunset behind the Pinetum's largest lake.

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Lake of Tranquillity

Dusk light over the Cafe lake.

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Foggy Forest

As the sun came up over the Pinetum, the fog rose to create an ethereal atmosphere across the forest floor.

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Nature's Red Carpet

A riot of colour beyond the shelter of the large pines synonymous with the Pinetum.

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Splitting The Trees

The sun bursts through the branches of a pine tree illuminating the rising mist over this beautiful lake.

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Autumn Hues

Autumn colours in full effect at Marshal's Lake.

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Pinetum Sun Burst

Sun bursting through the canopy in Dallimore Valley.

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Snowy Waterfall

The frozen waterfall at Black Pond.

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Frosty Sunlight

The piercing rays of the sun stream through the frozen forest canopy.

All my Bedgebury images in one place...

My prints on sale in Bedgebury Cafe...

"Thank you so much for your talk on your Night & Day Panoramas it was fascinating and testament to your attention to detail. Your presentation was also very humorous and engaging, being enjoyed by all present."

Andrew Hayes – Parkwood Camera Club
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